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Basic School Information

     Principal: Kristin Schmieder  
Kindergarten:   Grades 1-6:
Monday       3401 Scotland Drive Monday
   8:40 am-11:45 am       Antelope, CA 95843    9:10 am-2:40 pm
Tuesday-Friday       Locate us on a map Tuesday-Friday
   8:40 am-12:05 pm      9:10 am-3:30 pm
Minimum Days       Phone: (916) 338-6490 Minimum Days
   8:40 am-10:50 am       Fax: (916) 338-6386    9:10 am-12:30 pm

St. Baldricks

Join the Spinelli Tigers as we “Shave the Way to Conquer Kids’ Cancer.”

Each year the St. Baldrick’s Foundation hosts head shaving events around the globe to raise much needed funds to support childhood cancer research. This year, the students at Spinelli will once again be having their very own St. Baldrick’s event right here on campus!


When: Friday, March 27 at 2:00-3:30 PM- upper blacktop @ Spinelli


Our goal is for each participant to raise $50.00 for the cause. To join our event or to donate to the cause go to stbaldricks.org and type Spinelli Elementary in the Search box; or just follow this link: https://www.stbaldricks.org/events/Spinelli 


We thank you in advance for joining us in our efforts to find a cure for childhood cancer.



     If you would like to learn more about the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress or CAASPP, the State's new testing system, click here


Parent Safety Survey

We value your opinion! Providing a safe school environment is paramount to student success. Please spend about 5 minutes to answer a short survey about school safety.




            We're looking forward to a very successful academic year for all our Spinelli Tigers.  In order for success, families must put school first.  We're asking every Spinelli family to make a commitment to:


·        Get your child/children to school every day, on time, and ready to learn 

·        Have a scheduled time for homework, dinner, baths, reading, and bedtime, and make that schedule a priority

·        Make sure your child has breakfast, either at home or at school, and make sure they have a lunch at school every day

·        Support teachers in their efforts to raise the academic performance of your child/children, so they will make at least one year’s growth

·        Get involved in your child/children’s education

·        Make sure the school has current telephone numbers to reach you at all times

·        Communicate frequently with the teacher to determine your child’s progress

·        Come to all the scheduled activities at school


I know we share the same goal, to see our children succeed in life.  This will happen if we show our children that we value education by making school, homework, and all school related activities a priority.  Please join me in an effort to raise the bar for all of our children at Spinelli.  Show your support for the educational process, get involved, and put your child/children’s education first.  I look forward to a successful school year, where all students attend school daily, on time.  I hope to see all of you at Spinelli throughout the school year. 

Principal's Note

Greetings Spinelli Families,

     In an effort to provide a safe school environment for all Spinelli students and staff members, we have implemented the following policies and procedures:

1.       Students will be allowed on the campus no sooner than twenty minutes before school begins. 

There is no supervision before 8:50am.   Do not leave your child(ren) unsupervised!   

2.       Students are to be dropped off at the sidewalk, not in the parking lot or middle of the street.

Please drop your children off on the sidewalk on Scotland Drive and use the clearly marked crosswalks so that they can arrive at school safely.  When picking up your child (ren), meet them in front of the school.  Use the sidewalks and crosswalks to return to your car.  All children MUST use the crosswalk to cross the street, even when accompanied by his/her parent or daycare provider.

  1. All visitors must enter and exit the campus through the front main gate, after they have checked in the office and obtained a visitor’s pass. 

In the past, we closed our gates when school began, and they were to remain closed until dismissal.  Unfortunately, we find the gates open throughout the day.  We consider this a safety issue.  Our policy states that all visitors must enter and exit the campus through the front main gate after they have checked in the office and obtained a visitor’s pass.  In an effort to provide the safest environment, we will be locking all our school gates (except for front main gate) when the bell rings at 9:10am, and they will remain locked until dismissal at 3:30pm.


We appreciate your cooperation in providing a safe school environment for all students and staff at Spinelli Elementary!





Kristin Schmieder, Principal





Common Core State Standards

Have you heard about the Common Core State Standards?  In the 2014-2015 school year, schools throughout the nation will be implementing the Common Core Standards.  To find out about the Common Core, check out Center Joint Unified School District's blog at the website below!


You may also want to check out the K-8 Califonia's Common Core Standards Parent Handbook.



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